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A Dog's Day

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Canine massage therapy can significantly assist in the healing process  from surgery and injuries. Massage will help increase circulation, which promotes faster healing. It also increases range of motion by restoring muscles to their proper lengths, while enhancing your dog's muscle tone and lengthening their connective tissues. 


Canine massage helps to release endorphins in your dog's body, which act as nature's pain killer. Massage also helps to eliminate toxins such as lactic acid - a waste product that spreads fatigue throughout the body. By reducing the swelling and inflammation in your dog's joints, your dog is able to live a longer, fuller life. 


Canine massage therapy aids with shyness, anxiety, hyperactivity and other emotional issues your dog may be experiencing. Massage can also assist with potential early detection of health problems such as injuries or disease. 


As a certified canine massage therapist my goal is to help foster your dog's health and happiness and to improve their long term health and overall quality of life. 


Canine massage therapy is offered as a mobile service based out of the Comox Valley. A relaxing atmosphere is essential for both you and your dog to feel at ease and allow for a beneficial massage treatment. The typical length of time for a massage session is approximately 1 hour.


I treat each client from head to tail. Performing a full body massage promotes balance by not solely focusing on the area that is ailing, but on all the areas that may be compensating for a single ailment.

My rate is $65 per treatment session. There are discounted rates available for multiple family members.   



Christy, Client

Josh is amazing and so gentle with injuries! Our girl had knee surgery 2 years ago but still suffers from stiffness and he has been a blessing in helping her get on all four legs again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Josh:)

Greg, Client

Josh is simply amazing with my large breed dog, Quinn. She started receiving regular massages from Josh when she injured her knee and has continued since her ACL repair. Massage has relieved not only a lot of pain for Quinn but also helped to keep the rest of her uninjured as her body compensated for losing full function of one of her four legs. There was an instant bond and trust built between Josh and Quinn; Josh's gentle nature with Quinn and his expertise is valued highly in our home.

Trish, Client

My senior Boston Terrier, Mako, had her first massage with A Dog's Day today and is a very happy girl. Josh was great with Mako, and made her feel very comfortable and relaxed. He's very professional, and we'd highly recommend him. We'll definitely be booking her another massage.


Thanks for your email!

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